Tatws Pum Munud

I added a little too much stock to this stew, so I thickened it up with cornflour, so the broth became a gravy! I also threw some kale in. This photo was taken with my phone camera. Nothing better was available at the time.

Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

Time: 1 hour

This is a Welsh stew of bacon and potatoes. The name is pronounced "ta-tuus pim min-id", and it means "five-minute potatoes". It is really easy to make, but what a misnomer!

If you use big potatoes and onion, then this dish can feed a family of four—or 1 Welsh rugby player.



Fry the bacon in a big pan til it's browned.

Remove the bacon, leave the fat, add onion and soften them for a few minutes on low heat.

Add the stock, it should make a 1–2 cm deep pool in the pan, and it's best to have everything drenched by the stock.

Add the sliced potatoes.

Simmer in the pan everything together for about half an hour until the tatties cook through and a great deal of the broth is absorbed. It is a good idea to belid the pan while the stew simmers.

Serve with crusty bread.

Hint: this dish can also have the additions of: Worcestershire sauce, salt & pepper, parsley, or whatever other flavourings that you crave—within reason.

Y Cymry a Chymru am byth! Bwytwch eich bwyd yn awr!