Rolled Sippets

by Aaron Judson

Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

Time: a few minutes

They are like croutons. My grandmum Daphne used this word “sippet”, but they didn't refer to these rolled sippets. Rolled sippets might go under a more common name, but I don't know what.



Cut off the crusts from all bread slices.

Slice bread into oblong shapes no wider than your hand palm.

With much pressure, roll the bread oblongs by hand into stiff, airless sticks.

Toast or fry these raw sippets you have just made, toss and flip them to cook evenly. Some of them may open up as they cook, but that's no problem.

After a few minutes cooking, the sippets are golden-brown and crusty, stop their cooking, and if they are fried: put them in a paper towel to remove their excess oil.

Sop the sippets in soup, with seasonings if you like, or you may just eat them as a snack.