Boiled Plain Rice

The amazing thing about this photograph of rice (other than the depth of field) is that it didn’t provide very good white balance at all!

Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

Time: less than 20 minutes

This rice will not stick, That is a great perk, Making it is quick, And it should well work, If it becomes thick, Then you have a quirk, Don't call me a dick, For I am a jerk!



Rince the rice with water to remove excess starch, and empty the starchy water away.

Add the reckoned amount of water to the rice, and boil it for 5–6 minutes with the lid.

Take the heat off, and leave the rice pot to stand (with its lid on) for about 10 minutes so it can continue cooking with its leftover heat.

When that length of time is over, the rice should be well cooked, fluffy, and ready for eating.