Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

Time: ~30 minutes

This recipe is based on the one from Edmond's Cookery Book and Grandmum Sewhoy's advice.

In memory of Daphne Marchbanks Judson (née Sewhoy) 4 Nov 1919 – 8 Aug 2011. Don't ask about the middle name.



Whip eggs up until thick; add sugar, golden syrup and butter and mix in.

Mix in all sifted dry stuff until combined.

Add enough milk and mix to get a thick dripping consistency.

I think that at this point, grandmum left the mixture for 10 minutes. Maybe it is to let the baking powder diffuse thoroughly through the thickness that thenceafter thou thrustest through thy tharms ... sorry, I get carried away.

Get a pan, and put it on a low heat.

Pour 1 Tsp of mixture onto the pan to make each pikelet, and spreading is probably required.

When bubbles start to burst on the daubs, turn them over for a couple of minutes until golden-brown, and place them on a wire rack to cool.

The pikelets are ready when they are warm or cool, and they are delicious with butter, cream and berry jam.