Judson's Temptation

by Aaron Judson

This ain't no fancy restaurant, OK? So the presentation and service don't matter in my diningroom! My phone's camera took this photo because I couldn't be bothered getting my DSLR. I just wanted to eat.

Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

Time: ~10 minutes

One night, I just felt like I needed to eat a fried egg, and this is the dish that I came up with.



Fry the egg in a pan—I belid my pan to cook the egg's top membrane. Toast the bread at the same time.

When the toast is ready and somewhat cooled, dribble Worcestershire sauce on the slices.

Place the fried egg on one slice, and season it with the all-purpose seasoning. The other slice can have black pepper on it if you like.

Dump the clump of cream cheese upon the other slice.

Now cram it down your pie-hole!

* This brand contains: salt, paprika, wheat starch, onion 5%, pepper 3%, garlic, basil 1%, "spices", vegetable oil, natural colour (beta carotene).