Chicken Tremelki

Chicken Tremelki on naan bread, with a bread bun, spicy karoro potatoes—which see—and cherry tomatoes.

Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆

Time: less than 1 hour maybe

I have no idea where the name comes from, or what it means; but it looks Scandinavian, and with my knowledge of Norwegian, I reckon it means something along these lines: “three milk”? I don’t know what that has to do with chickens!

This recipe was submitted by Coachlamps Restaurant to Sweet and Savoury, a booklet published by the Nelson Branch of the New Zealand Federation of University Women.



Coat chicken pieces with sesame seeds.

Either fry the chicken in oil and butter, or bake in foil in oven. Keep it warm.

To make the sauce, take stones out of plums, blend with garlic and parsley — with a blender or a magic food-processing wand.

Heat the sauce, then pour it over the chicken pieces when it is time to serve.

Serves 6.