Battered Savs

Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆

Time: can't remember

You know what they are. Here in New Zealand we often called them "hot dogs", but to Americans these are "corn dogs" which often use frankfurters. So that's why I give them their Aussie name: "battered savs", mate!

Battered savs, it's all in the name: don't beat your meat too hard.



Preheat the deepfrying oil to 190°C.

Combine all dry ingredients; then add the wet ingredients and mix it all into a thick batter.

Stick a wooden skewer up each saveloy's end.

Coat a saveloy with flour, then completely smother it in batter.

Fry a few battered savs at a time in the hot oil, until they are golden-brown.

Serve with tomato sauce and/or mild mustard sauce—you can dip the end in the sauce, as they are normally served from food carts at fairs.